You Are Enough


I do not know how many of you’ll have heard the talks by Priyanka Chopra, Meghan Markle and most recently Chris Pratt that have gone viral, but if you haven’t, you most definitely must.

We are often told, “You need to be your own friend, a self-motivator.

However, it is in human blood to long for an external driving force, and there is no problem with feeling that way.

The real problem is, where do we look to find this driving force? Who is our backbone? Do we need to have somebody else as our backbone? Does someone else need to stand tall behind us, just so that we can stand strong in front of the world? The answer is NO.

An external driving force is not necessarily a person in itself, it’s the ideas and life testimonies, it’s the examples they set because of the rules they live by; You see, an external motivator is supposed to stir up inspiration, passion, self-confidence and dedication in our hearts and minds, making us our backbone. It should enable you to stand both tall and strong.

Where do we look for these ideas? Where do we look, to keep going?

Look around you, observe men, women, children, youngsters, senior citizens. Everyone surrounding you teaches you something. I believe even the street animals could show you something, but if you only watch to learn and not to Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook it. But, to cherish it in your memory and apply it in your lives.

Look at success stories of celebrities and people who have made a change. It is the most common suggestion, but if you pay close enough attention, you might find something to make a difference.

These people have built themselves up, broken themselves down, and rebuilt themselves from scratch, only to be a better version of what they already are.

Nothing lasts forever, not good times neither bad. But here’s where I would want to quote one of my favourite lines from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, “Humans are odd, but there is grace in their failings. A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.”

Something we all need to believe, accept and love about life.

You, right there, reading this very post need to understand that there is nobody bigger, better or stronger than yourself in your life.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Enough to withstand all pressures, enough to make a mark, enough to question stereotypes and more importantly break them.

Here’s the thing, We don’t have to be perfect, we need to be good, and this is what we’re all so confused about.

By good, I mean we need to be good people, do things that make us feel good. It has been said quite a lot, but everyone knows that we’re only alive when our heart rates are seen with a lot of ups and downs and dead when it is nothing but a PERFECT straight line.

We commonly shy away when a person asks us what’s wrong because we think the reason we’re upset is silly and unnecessary.

Well, let’s get one thing straight, Nothing is ever foolish or unnecessary if it provoked a specific emotion in you. Even if it’s just you having a bad hair day, it had the power to alter your feelings and emotions that are visible.

You know yourself best, and if you feel like you don’t, then you will figure it out soon enough. Nobody can know you better than you. We all have our secrets, but that is why they are secrets, and they are ours.

You need to know that there is power in our hands to change the way we feel, change the way we live, all we have to do is accept that change begins with us.