Why We Love JK Rowling


On the occasion of the world’s beloved author’s birthday, let us take a look at JK Rowling and her journey through the creation of the best-selling Harry Potter series and the Wizarding World that has made her writing so compelling. Rowling is an icon who has proved to be the ultimate #BossLady who’s made it on her own as the first multi-millionaire author.

JK Rowling a.k.a Joanne has been a compassionate individual who never gave up on her dreams of being a writer. Being rejected by 12 publications before being finally accepted by the Bloomsbury Publishing house, whilst changing her name to suit the target audience of young boys and still killing it in the young-adult universe is genius. She has unleashed a world that is a support system to millions of children and adults who have read the books, watched the movies and even today follow the wizarding world.



Her success did not come easy. Her rag-to-riches story is motivating to everyone trying to break into a world full of possibilities. Struggling to keep it together as a single mother and young divorcee (who also lost her mother), eventually drove her to immerse herself into her books and create the legendary Harry Potter universe. In fact, the soul-sucking dementors that haunt Harry are derived from her own struggles with depression.



The Casual Vacancy was her first attempt at trying to impress an adult crowd. The book has been adapted into a TV drama mini series in which she is the executive producer.

Her debut into the detective-crime fiction under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith gave her immense freedom to explore a different genre. She tried to keep it a secret, but was eventually discovered with the sales going through the roofs.

JK Rowling keeps making lump sum donations to charity, being an avid philanthropist, she is the founder and president of an international children’s charity Lumos, named after the light-giving spell from the Potter universe. She supports multiple sclerosis research through Anne Rowling Regenerative Clinic (named after her mother). She is also the president of Gingerbread, a charity that supports single parents.

Rowling wrote two books namely, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages for the charity Comic Relief, whose sales were raised to a whopping $22million.

To keep the Wizarding world alive and growing, she created a called website Pottermore that has stories, movies, updates, quizzes and more to keep Potterheads constantly engaged.