To be Married or single? Two women share their views…


Brings the best out of me

RASHA AL MADANI Restaurants Marketing Manager Shangri-La Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa
RASHA AL MADANI Restaurants Marketing Manager Shangri-La Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa

I am very family oriented; I grew up in a society that teaches me the value of family, heritage, culture and the importance of family bond. When I was young, my parents would take my siblings and me for weekend camping trips to explore the beauty of our home country, Oman and every summer we would always go for summer holidays. Hence, I appreciate the family bond and naturally it became my ultimate aspiration as a woman.

I knew that Mo was the right man. We met back at school in 1996, and until today, I am very happy and grateful that my wish came true. Marriage is not an easy choice/decision to make. It’s a lifetime commitment where both parties have to compromise and sacrifice willingly. Children are angels from heaven; they are the purpose that every parent has a goal for the future and to make life fruitful.

Marriage has changed my life, completely. It taught me how to compromise and value family above all; I learned the true meaning of sincerity and happiness. Marriage makes me look forward to tomorrow, it makes me look forward to growing old day by day with my husband and watching our children grow. Being with a supportive partner brings the best out of me which allows me to achieve my career goals and build our future together. My advice is take your time in choosing the one that can absolutely make you happier in your life; don’t settle just for the sake of community’s pressure or opinion. The key to a happy marriage is communication and trust, by having them both as your foundation, you will get to know the real meaning of love.


How can I be lonely?

I am 33 years old and unmarried. Most of my friends and colleagues got married soon after college and they have children too. I am single not because I wanted to be, because but I haven’t found the right partner to share my life with.
As a single woman in her 30s I am often questioned why I am not married yet. My older sisters, aunts and friends constantly ask me why I am happy with my single status. Then there are others who think being single means being lonely. I ask them, ‘How can I be lonely when I am staying with my parents?’ After work when I get home, my life revolves around them. So how can I be lonely?

There are people who also say that because they are married, their lives are better than mine. I tell them I am happy too with my choices as I have a life filled with close relationships in my family and I am happy because I am also successful at my workplace. ‘I am happy just like you,’ I say. I don’t bother about what others say. I know they do so because of the goodness in their hearts.

Will I remain single? I don’t think so. I have nothing against the institution of marriage. I will definitely get married when I receive a proposal that is favourable to both my family and me. I will continue to be happy because that’s the way I am.

-Zara (name changed on request)