The Influential Brigade: Fatima Hamayon

Keeping in mind that the world is in the digital age, we have gathered a list of influential social media pros, who are becoming beacons in their own right. Fatima Hamayon stands as one of our women influencers.
Read the full interview below.

What inspired you to pursue social media?

“I started using social media when I was 16 and my main aim has always been to update on ‘What’s new, based on my daily life’ Back then it was also about showcasing art skills, which led to a successful online business. I would also update about events I was an emcee of and upcoming events in town. My page has always been public and soon word started spreading that people can be updated about what happens in town through my page. I’ve always used my page as well to talk about my struggles in life and share my success as I began as a young girl and today we do have more young people using social media. Part of what I intend to do is to reach out to them.”

How have your social media feeds evolved over time? Any specific turning points?

“I’m someone who strives to keep growing as a person and learn something new and applying them to my life; same goes for my social media feeds. I began updating my content based on my passion and career growth. My main turning point was when I started off with my artistic career along with emceeing. My social media feeds keep evolving as I like to keep creating new content and be innovative.”

How do you decide which brands to partner with, and do you ensure that your followers are receptive to sponsored content?

“I only pick and collaborate with brands that I believe in and are not against my moral belief.
I will not do promotions just for the sake of collaborations. When it comes to food or beauty products, I always choose to test and try them and will only talk about them if I’m satisfied and happy. If it’s a brand that I would actually buy because I love it, that’s when I go ahead with my collaboration and I’ve declined to work with brands, which didn’t suit my personality or the kind of content was not something that I would talk about or I was not satisfied with the brand.

“I’ve always been honest with my followers when I talk about a brand and that trust has been built over time. You’d always get to participate for a giveaway when I’m happy with a brand :)”

Is there a central message or theme that you hope people take away from your social media content?

“Lately I’ve been focused more on insecurities that social media has created. With the standard of looks being created based on the latest trends and ‘what’s cool and what’s not’ many young social media users struggle with image and confidence issues and question themselves constantly. It’s sad to see how people are no longer satisfied being in their own skin and feel the need to use filters for their Instagram images or talk on Snapchat with a filter on.

“Photoshopped Instagram images convey misleading standards of what beauty is and people hold themselves to these unhealthy standards. I was once a victim too. I was not happy with myself and would hide that behind photoshopped images. However, I decided that this year would be different. I don’t want to ‘BE BEAUTIFUL’ rather I want to ‘FEEL BEAUTIFUL’ and I can only do it when I start living it.

“I no longer use photoshop images. As they say you can only make a change by being the change. If you have a good number of active followers, then why not use your account to spread positive messages and turn it into a campaign of self love via social media.

“Besides this, my main theme has always been about the work I do, projects I collaborate with and letting everyone know about what’s new in Oman. I also reach out to people and talk about topics that range from self confidence and self growth to social messages as safe driving.”

What emerging marketing trends do you feel will shape the digital world in the next few years?

“No one knew that social media influencing would be a trend and become part of marketing requirements for more companies. A new social media app may arise and create a new trend, but we are de􏰁initely on a digital run.”

What’s the most challenging part of working in social media? And what advice wouldyou give to those interested in building a following online?

“Social media has always been a passion for me, as I love reaching out and connecting with people. As much as you will find people who love you, there will always be negative people who will troll you, leave negative comments or talk ill about you. And this is true of every field.

“If someone is looking forward to building an online social media presence then one should be prepared to take on constructive criticism while heartedly weeding out negativity and comments that do not deserve your attention. The other part of being on social media is being consistent and creating new content instead of having the same 􏰁low over and over again.

“Another important advice I would always
give out is ‘Be Yourself.’ Many end up copying popular and successful social media accounts rather than being original. This may work for a while, but won’t last long. Always post based on what you’re comfortable with and what you truly believe in.

“I’ve been criticised many times and been told to change my style among other things but I have chosen to ignore them because it’s not something that I believe in. You can always look for inspiration, but make sure that it doesn’t take over Who You Are.”