The Influential Brigade: Areej Al Balushi

Keeping in mind that the world is in the digital age, we have gathered a list of influential social media pros, who are becoming beacons in their own right. Areej Al Balushi stands as one of our women influencers. 
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What inspired you to pursue social media?

“It all began when I was a teenager. I started as a freelance make-up artist and would take appointments at home for close family and friends. Moreover I was always up-to-date on the latest beauty and fashion trends, which I would then infuse with my own unique sense of style. Family and friends were always curious to know where I got my out􏰁its from and how I put it together. I was their fashion/beauty guru and this made me realise that I could do the same for other people out there. Thus my social media journey began.”

How have your social media feeds evolved over time? Any speci􏰀ic turning points?

“My feeds have evolved immensely over time. I upload more professional content, but it still is an essence of me and who I am. My social media presence was restricted to Oman initially, but it has now grown for me to be able to go international as well.”

How do you decide which brands to partner with, and how do you ensure that your followers are receptive to sponsored content?

“I only choose brands that I believe in and I would personally purchase or recommend as a normal consumer. I also partner up with brands that I like or have some sort of personal connection to.”

Is there a central message or theme that you hope people take away from your social media content?

“I would like people to bene􏰁it from my reviews and experiences.”

What emerging marketing trends do you feel will shape the digital world in the next few years?

“I personally believe that the social media is one of the biggest in􏰁luential factors in the digital world and it will still be in the next few years. The social media platform has become so powerful in the past few years that it has allowed many individuals to create businesses from scratch. People have become famous because of their product reviews and endorsements and are now known across the globe. Many make-up artists now known internationally are known so because of the social media.”

What’s the most challenging part of working in social media? And what advice would you give to those interested in building a following online?

“The most challenging part is not accepting all the offers that I have been approached with. I am very selective about who and what product I work with. Life and social media balance is also one of the biggest challenges that I face. Given my social media life, I barely have time to spend with my loved ones.

“I would advise people to be fearless and brave and always go with their gut feeling. They should be social birds, put themselves out there and most importantly be themselves.”