The Influential Brigade: Alia Awadh

Keeping in mind that the world is in the digital age, we have gathered a list of influential social media pros, who are becoming beacons in their own right. Alia Awadh stands as one of our women influencers. 
Read the full interview below.

What inspired you to pursue social media?

“My inspiration was the love and support of my followers. My initial posts were photos of watches. People loved them and shared them. It was the jumpstart for me, from there on I started sharing more videos and photos of my lifestyle.”

How have your social media feeds evolved over time? Any speci􏰀ic turning points?

“My social media feed evolved over time as I started various partnerships with companies and began marketing for many products and solutions, such as hairstyles, makeup, facial and all kind of beauty treatments I get done. I would consider that as my turning point. Nevertheless I made sure my posts also remained authentic and not just promotional and commercial. I share my travel journeys, my daily routines and of course the restaurants I try and the food I love.”

How do you decide which brands to partner with, and how do you ensure that your followers are receptive to sponsored content?

“One key element I take into consideration when starting a partnership with a brand or a company is that I personally bene􏰁it from their services and have tried and tested it before sharing it with my followers. I tend to be picky because I want my followers to always trust my recommendations. I discovered that followers interact with the content when it personally touches their interests.”

Is there a central message or theme that you hope people take away from your social media content?

“I always try to be positive not matter what. I hope my snaps and posts bring happiness to others. I also want girls to be more natural and see that fashionable girls are smart people that look good. Also, fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. I like to shop from everywhere and show girls how to mix and match.”

What emerging marketing trends do you feel will shape the digital world in the next few years?

“I think we are right now at the peak of digital marketing. That said, there are a number of tools and trends that I think will shape the market. Arti􏰁icial intelligence is one of the main tools marketers are using now to reach targeted customers and understanding their needs. Other trends that will highlight and shape the rest of 2018 are: live videos, voice searches and of course the role of in􏰁luencers.”

What’s the most challenging part of working in social media? And what advice would you give to those interested in building a following online?

“The most challenging part I would say is that you can’t always predict how the audience is going to interpret the message you are sending across. At times some messages are misunderstood. However, it’s through the interpretation and feedback of our followers and audience that we evolve and grow, so I always try to take it into consideration but also ignore silly comments (wink).”