The fitness mantra


Sometimes, you don’t have to listen to that inner voice. Especially the one that says, “Let me do it tomorrow!” or “I’ll start next week!” or worse still, “Let me wait for the New Year!” Calling it procrastination is simply a mild way to get out of doing some form of exercise. What if one had to pass a physical exam as part of one’s life every week, then would you ‘procrastinate’? No! You’d haul up that sedentary body of yours and take it to ‘exercise’!

Push yourself. Being fit is all about telling the mind what is good for your body. And once you set the rules and push your mind towards what your body wants, it becomes a start. It’s not easy. The mind can play tricks; it’s psychological – it may make you ‘feel’ sluggish, make you ‘feel’ lazy but what’s that they say? Mind over matter? It’s time to start believing in it!

Walk a mile, run uphill, swim downstream, dance silly, step up the bike and twirl a hoop… What’s the hoopla all about? It’s getting your body to move… it’s all about staying fit!

I met a group of women-only hikers the other day. Oman is a hiker’s paradise and they are making best use of the topography to remain fit. Just join a group, meet at a common place and gain the high ‘common’ ground. With the good weather for company, the group says, there’s nothing like the fresh outdoors for some great exercise.

From ballet to Bollywood, punk rock to salsa, the possibilities are sure to leave you spoilt for choice. Once you’ve zeroed in on a dance style, joining a class or a group would be a good idea. A qualified dance instructor will be able to properly guide you as you progress from a warm-up to a faster, blood-pumping pace.

And if you are looking to practise some fun dance exercise routines from the safety of your own home, there are a number of workout videos for that purpose alone.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle ‘just because’ never happens, because we keep putting it off. We lack the motivation to implement changes in our life that we know will be ultimately beneficial for us. Why not keep an end in sight and work towards it? Is there a wedding, a family party, a high school reunion coming up that you want to look good for? Work with that end in sight, changing your diet and exercise habits to look good for that specific occasion. Make sure it’s a couple of months away so that your new healthier regime has some time to take effect.

For all those multi-tasking women out there, we leave you with some important tips to get the fun back into fitness.

Get sporty: Even an hour of badminton everyday with friends in your apartment complex can work wonders.

A little goes a long way: Little bursts of activity are great for the body.

Find a buddy: A jogging or walking partner makes the road toward fitness relatively easy.

Have fun: No matter what type of fitness regimen you opt for, strict routines can wreak havoc. Mix and match your exercises in consultation with your physical trainer.