Tech or not?

Love it or hate it, you simply cannot ignore the world of technology! Find out how tech-savvy you are with this fun quiz


The latest smartphone is out. And you…

A. Have no idea what a smartphone is

B. Are interested but it’s too much trouble to actually go and check out

C. Are wondering how good it is for selfies

D. Have been camping outside the store the last 24-hours to be the first one in

Your thoughts on Facebook…

A. Facebook? Really? You still haven’t deactivated your Orkut account

B. You only use it to keep in touch with close friends and family

C. OMG! FB is the best… You can update your status even in your sleep

D. It’s so cliché. You’ve already moved on to Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr

Your opinion on Alienware is…

A. Oh, is that the latest Spielberg movie?

B. Not worth the cash

C. As long as you can check your email on it

D. The only laptop worth owning.

The internet is…

A. A massive waste of time

B. Useful for research, you suppose

C. Where all your friends are

D. The greatest invention since the wheel

When you get bored you…

A. Go outside for a walk

B. Read up interesting articles online

C. Check out how many new followers you got since the last time you signed it – 10 minutes ago

D. How can you possibly get bored when you have the Internet?

If you got mostly A’s – You are the Noob

The techno-world is too busy for your taste! Rather than opening a gazillion accounts and getting acquainted with a gadget (only to find out a better version has already been released) you prefer to cut yourself away from it entirely. After all, there is too much to do in the real world, without getting caught up in a virtual one.

If you got mostly B’s – you are the Tech-Savvy User.

Technology may not be your life, but you can get the hang of it pretty fast! You have a good idea of what is happening online you can use the techno-world to make your work easier and keep in touch with friends and family. Efficient and sensible, you can always cut yourself from the online world as and when you wish. Some things are best in moderation, right?

If you get mostly C’s – you are The Social Media butterfly

How can you not love Facebook? And Twitter, and Instagram and basically all those other amazing apps and websites! You find out all the latest gossip as and when it is happening, are always up-to-date with what is going on around you, and people find out more about your life through your busy tweets and statuses.

It’s all about being connected.

If you get mostly D’s – you are a True Technophile!

Technology is life! You cannot fathom how people go without being connected to the online world, know everything there is to know about all the latest software’s and wouldn’t be caught dead with anything but the latest gizmos in town. You spend your entire allowance on the very best gadgets and all your free time goes into staring into screens. Well, the techno-world couldn’t get more exciting!