Take life by surprise


We spend a lot of time and energy making our lives comfortable. We try out several jobs before we settle into a work environment that we find pleasant; we live in homes that meet the requirements of our families; we make several arrangements to secure the well-being of each family member and we even cook and eat certain types of food that appeal to our tastes. The tendency to restrict ourselves to ‘the familiar’ with an intention to avoid discomfort is what eventually causes our lives to become dull and tedious.

Surprising yourself is a sure way to get rid of the lack of excitement in life. We all need to pluck ourselves away from our routines every once in a while and engage in the unfamiliar to really relish the many experiences that life offers. The key to create systems to reinforce surprise is to remind oneself that the best experiences lie beyond that feeling of uncertainty. Most of us shy away from trying new things simply to avoid the awkward sensation that creeps in; but to actually open ourselves to adventure and thrill, we need to embrace the uncertainty and to overcome it. Braving discomfort only leads to reaching someplace exceptional where few people dare to go.

The key to breaking free from the mundane routine that is life, is opening yourself to surprises…

The first step to surprising yourself is to be spontaneous! We all have a million reasons as to why we don’t wish to take part in a certain activity, but it’s time to say YES! Say yes to all new opportunities that come your way, however overwhelming they may be, and instantly life will serve up an array of astounding possibilities to savour. So the next time your colleagues invite you for lunch at the happening sushi place in town, don’t turn them down; swallow that feeling of apprehension and join them – you will be surprised to find the fresh experience exceeding your expectations.

Next up, don’t plan everything down to the T. We tend to strategise our every move and control every detail in an attempt to not have unwanted situations spring up. This takes away the joys of exploring the unknown. So the next time you plan a holiday, avoid surfing websites of every resort in the destination; close your eyes and pick one without looking at photographs of your hotel room. Don’t peruse through blogs that describe the nooks and crannies of the destination; give yourself an opportunity to experience it all first-hand. And while you are on holiday, don’t hesitate to get lost – wander around without a map, take a few wrong turns and take in as much of the foreign surroundings as you can. Every corner you turn will surprise you!

Every day brings with it new escapades for us to get a thrill from, but it’s really up to us whether or not we let ourselves be amazed. If you are up to challenging yourself, wear something you would never wear, hang out with people from different cultural backgrounds, experiment with new cuisines, overcome your fears and take the leap! Surprise yourself