Summer Glow

Cool make-up tips for the hot summer ahead…


With the heat and humidity rising, there come more problems than you could ever imagine. Well, even if it is summer, there should be nothing stopping from you looking beautiful and fresh all the time! After all, a fashionista cannot stop being one just because of the blazing sun!

The heat of summer can wreak havoc on your make-up. You know that, don’t you! In summer, the skin perspires and becomes oilier. Many go without make-up during this period but that is not really a solution! Is it?

Well, there are some easy tips and tricks to the up the makeup-meter when the mercury soars.

Au Naturel 

If you already have a good complexion, you don’t need much makeup. So all you have to do is choose an oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen. Some waterproof mascara and a light-coloured lip gloss will give you a pretty and natural look just right for summer.

Glow light

You could opt for a tinted moisturizer, usually with a SPF of 20 or what you normally use for the harsh summer in your region. Top it with tinted poweder for a bit of colour. Use a light eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Use a water-proof mascara and a light-coloured lipstick with sunscreen. Make-up that is light and absolutely perfect!

Colour Right

If you need to wear a little heavier makeup than normal especially for parties or other occasion, try this simple routine. Use a light-weight foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone. After the foundation dries, brush lightly with loose powder. Line the eyes with a powdered liner, lining only the top lid. Add a shade of powder blush, apply a bright shade of lipstick with sunscreen and there you have, the perfect radiant summer makeup.

Here are some cool makeup rules to especially follow in summer:

# Apply makeup to cooled skin. Don’t step right out of the shower and reach for the foundation. Let your skin dry off and the bath de-steam.

# Keep skin and makeup fresh by switching to a lighter form of a moisturiser in summer and using a lotion or gel in place of a heavier cream.

# Avoid a lip liner.

# Try gold shimmer under brows or across cheekbones.

# Sprinkle your feet with foot powder before wearing sandals to avoid any blisters.

# Generously rub sunscreen with SPF over your entire face and body regularly throughout the day.

# Switch to eyeliner pencils in gray, warm chocolate or navy shades and use with a light hand.

# Lip gloss and lipstick are the first to give in to the heat, because they often are made with soft oil bases. Try a stain instead. The colour sets better so it lasts longer. You could also use a lip balm.

# Use an oil blotter to absorb sweat where it shows without wrecking the rest of the makeup. To help prevent that, rub on makeup primer as your skin lotion; it’ll smooth any creases on your face. Gel formulas actually cool your skin on contact as they wick away oil.

So now you have the info, here’s wishing you a great and glowing summer!