Be Summer Ready

Food tips to stay cool!


With the soaring temperatures and intense sun rays, there are easy chances for one to get dehydrated or have a sunstroke or a heatstroke. The Eurodiet method emphasizes on hydration and having timely meals, therefore the below tips will help you pass through this summer taking in to consideration the healthier options.

  • Many of us tend to go for the fizzy drinks and colas to quench our thirst without thinking of the damage we do to our body due to them, as these are easily available everywhere. Choosing plain water over these can be a hard task but is a wiser decision, as water is essential for our body, it is best absorbed in the body in its natural form and temperature.
  • Along with water, there are many natural foods that can help cool down the body with other health benefits. To list a few- cucumbers, lettuce, celery, mint, lemonade, watermelon, yoghurt, coconut water, green leafy veggies, onions and melons.
  • Cucumbers, lettuce and celery are nearly 80% of water and contain high amounts of fiber. Due to their high water content they easily get digested and cool down the gut. One added bonus is that they also help in alleviating constipation due to their high fiber content.
  • Mint is a natural coolant which can be crushed or ground and added to a drink with sweet or salted lemon water. Spreads and dips can also be made with mint to include this in the diet.
  • Everyone likes a good chilled glass of lemonade be it sweet or salted or both. It is always a refreshing drink for the summers. The electrolyte imbalance in the body which is caused due to excessive sweating and dehydration due to the heat is restored by lime water and salt.
  • Watermelons are also filled with antioxidants which help rehydrate the body of the lost fluids and minerals. Munch on these often to keep cool and let your body thank you.
  • Yoghurt is a natural cooling food and a probiotic which not only helps to keep the body cool but also helps to keep the gut healthy and the immune system strong. Go ahead and enjoy a cup of yoghurt with fruits and give yourself a treat.
  • Though high in sugars, tender coconut water and coconut meat are not only delicious but also highly nutritious and have amazing cooling properties. When taken during the day, the excess sugars are burned down by the body and avoid weight gain. It can also be consumed in diluted form if too sweet.
  • Just like cucumbers, lettuce and celery, dark green leafy veggies are 80% water and are packed with minerals. A useful tip is not to cook them for too long to avoid the loss of water and essential minerals.
  • Onions are high in anthocyanins and especially red onions contain a chemical called quercetin which is a natural anti -allergen. Consuming onions on a daily basis will help to avoid sunstrokes as well as keeping one protected.
  • Melons are made of more than 90% water. They are easily available and make a healthy snack between meals. Alternate these foods to have wholesome benefits and stay cool in the heat.