Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice


Unnata Aerial Yoga: Ahimsa Yoga and Mindfulness Muscat

Ahimsa Yoga and Mindfulness offers women the opportunity of peace and tranquility, through sessions of Unnata Aerial Yoga.

Unnata Aerial Yoga was founded by Michelle Dortignac after teaching yoga, meditation, and aerial and movement arts for over 20 years. She believes that art and its creation enables her to connect with the divine presence.

In Oman, María José guides her students through a series of yoga positions, on ground and in the air, channeling their core strength to provide them with inner peace.


Maria José has been a certified yoga teacher for the past four years. She was introduced to the practice of Unnata Aerial Yoga in the year 2017 and was certified in Spain.


She has also received advanced training with the founder Michelle in New York in the month of May 2018.

Ahimsa’s Unnata Aerial Yoga session is a place where women, both young and old, come to relieve their stress and find their flow of energy.

Maria José mentions, “Aerial Yoga has a lot of benefits. It helps in developing or building one’s strength, flexibility and balance of the body and the mind.”

They not only focus on the practice of mindfulness, combining yoga postures and meditation, but also have a lot of laughs throughout the session.

The students believe that Aerial Yoga is for every woman out there who wants to live a little adventure calmly.

Aerial Yoga not only helps boost health but also creates an environment of women who are up for a challenge and are nothing short of strong, independent, and incredibly amazing.

Overall, Aerial Yoga is truly a combination of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.