Success, by Design

Amal Al Raisi has launched a debut ready-to-wear collection in the international fashion market


Amal Al Raisi began her career in the industry over eight years ago under the name of Dar Al Aseel where she began designing traditional Omani dresses and has since gone on to master abayas and jalabiyas as well. After so many years in the industry, she has experienced all the highs and lows that come with being in the fashion business and it has led her to this point. She’s ready for a new fashion venture and ‘by Amal Al Raisi’ will catapult her into the RTW world.

Her collection has a touch of couture and is designed for women that are feminine but not delicate. She pays tribute to today’s power woman who prioritises family but doesn’t stop them from pursuing their other dreams. ‘by Amal Al Raisi’ is designed to honour Arab traditions but her goal is for the pieces to be worn far beyond the borders of Oman. It is here that the collection is produced and overseen by herself to ensure the highest quality and an impeccable finish which is rooted from her Omani heritage.

For the SS16 collection, Amal found her inspiration to be the floral universe. Flowers are beautiful yet powerful and have always been a main source of inspiration to her. The colours that can be seen through the collection are old rose, soft grey and delicate whites. It is the cuts and custom made fabrics that are equally soft and feminine that complements the powerful woman wearing it. The embroidery is all done by hand which is a signature she is taking from her traditional designs to add a touch of Arab luxury to her RTW collection.