Shake Things Up

The Woman tells you all the tips and tricks you need for the ultimate makeover!


Make the Cut

If you’re really serious about changing your look, ditch the haircut you’ve donning all these years and go for something different, crazy! Flip through magazines and choose a cut that best defines your jaw line – or ask your hairdresser for a little help! And don’t be afraid to do something drastic! An elegant pixie cut or some always-trendy bangs may just be the look for you!

Cosmetic Craze

There’s no easier way to completely change your look that opting for a whole new range of cosmetics! Pick up some dusky bronze, gentle pinks and elegant reds – and then mix and match according to your mood! And don’t forget that bright red lipstick! It’s a timeless must-have.

Colour it up

How about really showing off that new cut with a dazzling new hair colour? Whether you decide to all out with a vibrant auburn or opt for some funky streaks, this is sure to give you a whole new look and boost your spirits. And why stop there? If you’ve ever wondered how you would look with coloured contact lenses – now is the perfect time to find out!


No outfit is complete without the right accessories! Pick up complementary jewellery that will not only go with your look but enhance it! Buying some trendy new sets are sure to provide you with some much-needed motivation to get all dressed up and go out! Whether you’re wearing an exquisite gown or a simple tee, jewellery is sure-fire way to perk up a look.

Go Bright

What is it about bright colours that chirp us up? Take a break from the same old grey suits and blazers as you opt for loads of bright yellow’s, blues and reds this New Year! Team up bright contrasting colours and watch your attention-catching new get-up draw out the compliments! Bright hues are sure to make you look and feel happier!

Follow the Trends

Trends change every season and although it’s great to have your own personal style there’s nothing wrong with a little experimentation. Follow season’s flashiest trends – whether it’s time to bring back plaid or embrace the ever-graceful midi skirt. Note what the hottest fashionistas are raving on about and give the trend a chance. At the very least, this will bring in some much needed change.

Dare To Be Different

Once a month, make it a point to try out a style or look that you’ve always envied but never had time (or guts!) to actually try out. Whether it’s finally trying out an edgier outfit (how about a jumpsuit?), fake eyelashes or perfectly decorated stick-on nails, wear something you’ve never worn before! You’ll never know how much you like it until you try it on!

Get That Glow

Go to a spa, take up swimming or get that massage you’ve been dying to have! The first step to looking gorgeous is feeling gorgeous so make sure you pamper your body as often as you can. Eat healthy and make sure that you keep a strict skincare regimen. There’s nothing more beautiful than clean, glowing skin.

Shape Shifter

Following the latest trends is a great way to break out of a fashion rut you’re in but be sure to stock up on some timeless looks – the elegant little black dress and the every stylish pumps! Choose outfits that compliment your shape, size and figure and bring out your best features. Ask close friends or family for their honest opinion and pick out styles that suit your body shape. This is a great excuse for some New Year shopping!

Get Toned

How about a resolution for a fitter, healthier new you? This may be a good time to hit the gym, take up a fun sport or purge yourself of some unhealthy habits you’re been trying to get rid of! Start off simple – keep a track of all the junk food you’re consuming on a daily basis, or sketch out a light diet plan. Keeping some time out for exercise is a great way to reduce anxiety, boost confidence and give you a brand new lean look! Best of luck!