Scent & Seduction

A new eau de toilette from Angel Schlesser fragrance that aims to define a fascinating, extraordinary woman


Angel Schilesser Pour Elle is a story of seduction, a charming stranger who leaves an indelible memory. A creation by perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie (Firmenich), the scent belongs to the olfactory floral, orange blossom family. The seduction begins unexpectedly, thanks to the strains citrus, juicy and floral notes output. Bergamot offers its citrus freshness that combines sweetness with soft touch bitter. Sparkling red berries provide spicy and lightly floral notes.  The seduction continues in the heart of the fragrance, thanks to the sensual notes that combine the magnificent white flowers, with a fruity touch and lingers with bottom notes of intense, sensual and spicy notes of her background.


Angel Schlesser Pour Elle packshot 100ml

The  packaging carries the timeless elegance that defines Schlesser’s style and which is also the key to its modernity. White evokes the radiance of beauty and creates a sober contrast with the black graphics of the brand logo. The golden touches evoke an exclusive world that speaks of classicism and a restrained luxury. The glass bottle is an architecture of contrasts with the vertical grooves repeated on frosted glass. The surface of the bottle has rounded edges and an ethereal presence, brought out by the golden colour of the fragrance.