Scarf Up In Style

UK’s leading modest clothing brand, Aab launches new luxury scarf collection for you.


British modest clothing brand, Aab, has launched a new luxury scarf collection for fashion conscious consumers this summer in Middle East.

The “Hand-Dyed Chiffon Silk” range is a unique collection of designs showcasing over 40 strong vibrant colours using traditional techniques such as Tie Dye & Ombre effect for the fashion forward crowd. Each scarf is made from 100% Pure Chiffon Silk and are individually hand-dyed using traditional methods to create a unique look.

Seasonal pantone colours based on the latest catwalk trends and styles have inspired the new collection. There is a heavy emphasis within the new line on pastel colours using a seamless finish so as not to ruin the simplistic beauty found in the fabric itself. Chiffon Silk has been chosen due to its lightweight properties, airy nature and versatility for showing off different wearing styles.  The scarves offer generous volume at 130 x 130 cm.

“Aab has been designing unique collections since our launch and we are really excited about this new collection,” says Nazmin Alim, founder and creative director of Aab. “Our clients especially in the Middle East are obsessed with finding the right scarf to match their outfits especially one which can be styled in different ways and this new collection has been designed with this in mind.

“Chiffon Silk was chosen as it is a luxury fabric which is airy, durable and weightless. It is perfect for our Middle Eastern clients who are very creative with the use of their scarves.

“We have created colours based on the pantone for 2016 which is in trend with different shades of rose and serenity.

“The “Hand-Dyed Chiffon Silk” also features luxurious threads and playful colours which exudes the perfect combination of fashion and practicality.”

Aab Silk Chiffon Collection
Aab Silk Chiffon Collection

Aab’s Chiffon Silk Scarves are recognised by the premium quality of the silk and unique dying methods that offer versatile style from classic to contemporary.

London fashion house, Aab, became the first independent fashion label in its sector to open a store in a mainstream shopping centre by opening a new boutique store at the latest Westfield shopping centre last year. The new store in Bradford becomes the second retail unit opened by Aab following the successful launch of its flagship London shop just six months earlier. The company is now looking for an international launch with planned boutiques in Dubai or Malaysia alongside new UK stores in London and Birmingham.

Since its launch in 2007 through its online store, Aab has quickly gained global recognition as one of the world’s leading modest fashion brands with a global client list. The British fashion house has become synonymous for creating original design pieces using its own in-house designers taking inspiration from global fashion trends. Aab places a strong emphasis on creating products using premium quality material and tailoring.

Aab’s full collection of products include everything from modest clothing, abayas, hijabs and accessories with a customer base that includes the US, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East. Modest fashion is widely viewed as one of the hottest sectors around with a number of designer brands entering the market valued in the billions.