Rope in some fun!

Making our workouts exciting is what keeps us at them. Get your adrenaline pumping with these fun rope exercises and surely you’ll find yourself enjoying your workout twice as much…


Sticking to a predetermined exercise routine can get monotonous. Once the boredom creeps in, not only do we lose the drive to work out, we also fail to push ourselves to achieve our fitness goals. Whether we’re jumping ropes, climbing up them or battling them, ropes are a great way to add some freshness to your exercise routine, not to mention, they are a full-proof ticket to complete fitness. The various moves one can do with ropes target different parts of the body, tone up every muscle and within a couple of weeks, the ultimate hot-bod is all yours!

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Jump Ropes

As kids we’ve had jump rope competitions in the playground, two-at-a-time jumping sessions at the park and times when we would jump rope non-stop, because, hey, who doesn’t love jumping? As we grew up, somewhere along the line, we let that joy of jumping slip. However, experts coax us all to get the love of jumping rope going even beyond our 30s and 40s. Not only does jumping rope burn calories fast, it also strengthens the upper and lower body. Ten minutes of jumping rope has equal cardio benefits as do 30 minutes of running or two sets of tennis. However, if not done right, jumping rope will serve no purpose. While getting a good jump rope session in, remember to jump lightly on the balls of your feet, keep your wrists just below waist-line and don’t move your arms and shoulders too much. To up the challenge, criss-cross the rope while jumping or look for ropes made of heavier cable. The best bit about jumping rope is that the equipment is inexpensive and can be carried around anywhere – yes, that means you never have to miss a quick workout, no matter how tight your schedule is.

Battle Ropes

Heavy rope training or battling ropes is an exercise routine that most men swear by. Known to require a huge amount of strength and stamina, working out with battling ropes was a ‘men’s thing’ for a long time. But with women taking on more heavy rope training in an attempt to tone abs, arms and shoulders, this workout routine is becoming more widespread by the day and is now prescribed by most gym trainers and fitness instructors.

Apart from toning shoulders, arms and the core, ten 15-second battle rope intervals can scorch more calories than a 10 minute run and is an incredible boost to one’s heart-rate. Along with increasing strength, power and endurance, battle rope routines are the go-to exercise recommended to get metabolism-revving benefits. Since battling ropes are heavy to work with, posture while working out is of utmost importance. Remember to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent. Start the routine with soft waves and then advance to more rigorous moves like slams, double waves and alternating waves. Intersperse short battle rope routines with resting breaks for best results. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, give a battle rope exercise your all, and you’ll be looking good in a jiffy.

Climbing Ropes

No muscle gets a free pass when one takes on a rope-climbing exercise routine. Previously considered an extreme training activity meant only for those who wished to join the army and special-forces, rope-climbing is catching on among fitness enthusiasts. It is without doubt one of the most exhilarating overall fitness exercises anyone can engage in.

Rope-climbing is a great way to build grip strength, leg power and helps develop arm, shoulder and back strength. Beyond building muscular strength, a rope climbing routine also benefits the cardiovascular system and helps up one’s endurance. Being trained by a rope-climbing expert is necessary before incorporating rope climbing into your fitness routine. Testing one’s strength and gradually moving into easy rope-climbing is the right way to start. Once the technique is imbibed, you will find yourself pushing yourself and testing your endurance with challenging routines. So take some time off your hectic schedule and go rope-climbing; the rush is simply invigorating.