Rev it up!

Liya Benedict D’souza lists different ways by which you can keep your metabolic rates high…


Metabolism is the process by which energy is formed in the body. There are two steps involved in this process: Catabolism and Anabolism. The production of energy is called Anabolism and the process by which energy is burned out is called Catabolism. To have good metabolism, it is important to maintain a balance between these two processes.

While factors like genetics, age and gender make up your metabolism, other habits such as eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. have a big influence on how fast your body works which can be determined by your conscious habits. In order to keep metabolic rates high, here are some tips on how to rev up your metabolism:


To process calories and get energised, water helps hydrate the body which can influence metabolic rates. studies shows that those who drink seven-eight or more glasses of water per day burned more calories than those who drink four or less glasses of water. it’s advised to eat fruits and vegetables with high water content than snacking on chips or other fried food.

Eat Healthy

Studies have shown that eating more often can help you lose weight. Metabolism tends to slow down when you eat three large meals with big gaps in between. Hence it is good to have a small meal or snack every three to four hours to help burn more calories during the day.

Iron-Rich foods

Blood contains iron which is essential for distributing oxygen to various parts of the body. This allows your muscles to burn calories. Being women, we lose iron each month through menstruation. Hence it is important to include more iron-rich food such as spinach, lean meat and fortified cereal in our diet.

Spice up

Spices have a natural advantage when it comes to keeping metabolism high. the effect though is temporary but its benefits are long lasting. adding a tablespoon of chopped green or red chilli pepper while cooking food can boost your metabolic rate.


We have probably heard a lot of this before but it still remains one of the most important part of our daily lives. exercise serves by increasing the resting metabolic rate of the body. that means your ability to burn calories even when you don’t do anything much is higher, especially in those who keep their muscles in shape. walking using stairs, aerobics or even stretching are some ways to get good metabolism.

Black coffee

Coffee contains caffeine that can result in short-term increase in metabolism and is known to enhance concentration as well as energy levels for a while.

Green tea

It’s okay if you’re not a coffee person. Green tea has the similar benefits of coffee as well. It contains catechins that can rev up your metabolism for a couple of hours.

Include Protein

When protein is digested by your body, more calories are being burned down than when fats or carbs are digested. Protein-rich food when eaten during mealtime can increase your metabolism when replaced with some carb-rich food. Good sources of protein can be found in pulses, nuts, eggs, beans, white meat, fish and low-fat dairy products.

Dr. CJ Fernandez, Internal Medicine specialist in Oman emphasises the important fact that a healthy lifestyle, control over calorie consumption, diet and exercise can keep away obesity, diabetes, depression and hormonal imbalances and if there are signs of metabolic diseases, it is best to consult a doctor at the earliest.