Advocating Success

Our personality of the week: Reem Noor al Zadjali, Head of Legal, Compliance and AML at Muscat Finance SAOG


On herself
“I am a proud mother of two wonderful boys Sami and Hamad, and the Head of Legal, Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) function at Muscat Finance SAOG. In addition to my work, I also have a passion for designing clothes and abayas for women.
“I graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor’s in Law with Honors. Soon after graduating I started working in a bank as a full-time lawyer; and at the same time I was training at a law firm. Apart from that, I was also teaching English to some underprivileged children in my spare time.”

On choosing law
“As a student at school, I always had the ambition to be a lawyer. Law is a subject that makes you explore many aspects of life, giving you the necessary knowledge and tools to be successful in whichever you choose to do – whether it’s a lawyer, politician, businesswoman, journalist, etc. In addition, my father always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted and when I chose law he was extremely supportive and proud. ”

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“I would advise young Omani women to be confident and pursue their career and also to try to balance between their professional and family life
and never give up any of them.”

 On inspirations
“My father worked his way up through intelligence, hard work and integrity and this inspired me to overcome challenges and succeed in life. Apart from succeeding professionally he has also inspired me to be as caring and loving to my boys as he was to me and my family. And my boys are my biggest motivation, to see them look up to me makes me a proud parent.”

On Omani women in the legal field
“Yes of course, now things have changed, you see more young women as lawyers. It makes me proud to see more women in the field, which shows the progressive mindset of the Omani society as compared to before. These are some of the things that make us proud and we are thankful to the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said for encouraging women to get the best education, work and pursue their careers in different fields.

These are just excerpts from the full interview featured in our February print edition. You can read more there