No Books ? No Me.


Celebrating all the book lover’s on Book Lover’s Day

Are you always seen with a book, or find one the moment you have the time? Do you get annoyed when people try to converse while you’re reading? Are books your best friend? Are books your primary comfort? 

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, congratulations! You are a book lover, and today is your day. 

On Book Lover’s Day, we decided to celebrate by asking book lovers from UAE, USA, India and Oman, to share why they love reading and what the existence of books mean to them. 

Read on to see how these book lovers have expressed themselves.


Israa Albalushi
Student and Freelance Graphic Designer

“I love reading because it helps you explore a new world of possibilities. I love the sense of suspense and curiosity of the unknown reality. I love art and creativity; I live  and breathe it everyday, and books enhance that . They are my inspiration and motivation.”





Abigail Spencer
PR and Advertising Student 

I love books because, reading about different characters is almost like looking into someone else’s mind. I imagine myself as a silent observer to a whole new world from mine. Reading also hones my imagination and vocabulary.”



Stephen King
Media Lecturer
Middlesex University Dubai


“Books take your brain to a higher plane. They force you to transcend the day-to-day limitations of your physical body, and give you the power to fly, fight dragons, engage with history, love ,and learn all at the same time.”



Sahasra Rao
Psychology Student

“Books have always been my escape from reality. I like being in my own bubble and books widen my imagination. What I love most is the insight into people’s mind and how they vary. I can’t put into words what books mean to me but I definitely won’t stop reading any time soon, probably never.”



Sneha Sivanand
PR and Advertising Student


“I love reading books because it transports you to another world. It allows your imagination to run wild and free. Books have always been a major part of my life since my childhood. It imparts knowledge from a very unique point of view.”




Melanie Marian Crasta 
Assistant Lecturer

“Unlike watching a movie, where you’re imagination is only limited to what’s on the screen, reading books have a far more wider scope for imagination. Whatever you read, can be whatever you want it to be in your mind, which is why I love reading books. The very existence of books, apart from enhancing my vocabulary, gives me a more creative outlook.”


Preksha Soni
BBA Student


“Reading gives me peace of mind, it takes me to a whole new zone.”





Afeefa Khan
LLB Student

“Books hold a very special place in my heart. For every emotion or mood I experience, there is a book written for it. Most things in life take something away from us, but books only give us something more, be it knowledge, peace, or just a way to pass a long boring day.”



Tanya Sharma
Architecture Student


“I like reading books that impart some kind of knowledge that can be implemented into daily life. I believe books are an important resource to spend alone time in a calm manner along with self reflection.”



Shraddha Jalal
BA Math and Economics Student


“The existence of books is integral to life in my opinion because  reading can only be of a benefit to you. I love reading because it is my chance to escape the mundane parts of daily life and explore a whole new world.”



Vasundhara Agarwal
Engineering Physics Student 

“Books permit me to experience lives beyond my own. They enable me to witness the vast potential of human imagination. It takes 26 simple characters, to spread knowledge of the entire universe and beyond. Without books, life wouldn’t be worth living.”




Siddhant M.M.G.
Account Executive, Zeenah

“Books are like handy teleportation devices, transporting you to various worlds while simultaneously encompassing an endless well of knowledge and experience. Immerse, intellectual and influential;  a good read will always leave you with a sad but blissful contentment.”




To all you lovely book lover’s out there, today is for you. Just like these vibrant, happy people you encountered above, share your favorite books and why you like reading, in the comments below or on our social media pages.

Remember, we are reading your experiences and you might just be next in line for a feature on one of our social pages.

Read, Learn, Love.