Mirror, Mirror!


The MemoryMirror by Memomi recently featured at New York Fashion Week 2015, is an Intel-powered smart mirror that allows consumers to virtually try on clothes. Through gestures, customers can get a 360-degree view and see previous selections.

The digital mirror integrates Intel RealSense technology and Core i7 processors, and is currently in select Neiman Marcus retail stores. It’s the future of social shopping allowing you to instantly share HD style sessions and try-ons with friends for valuable fashion feedback and advice. Your fashion experiences travel everywhere you do with fast, seamless access across all your digital devices.

inVNT-Intel-Future of Fashion
inVNT-Intel-Future of Fashion

You can secure your favourite selections at the moment of decision, from any device, anywhere. With a simple click, your purchases are on the way in the perfect size. Enjoy a luxury checkout experience with none of the hassles of online shopping.

The patented memomi technology also lets you change the colour of your clothing with a single gesture. Look at yourself in the mirror with new colors without the need to change your clothes – All in real time.

You can use the mirror and try on items virtually – changing colours and patterns instantly, adding accessories and other items to create the perfect look all without having to physically trying on a single thing.

We, for one, cannot wait for this awesome vanity product to hit the stores! Are you ready for your own mirror, mirror on the wall?