Lottie goes to Space

Stargazer Lottie, designed by a six-year-old little girl, travelled to the International Space Station.


“So maybe one day I will go and see many stars, even more than I saw from earth, and I will just say to myself …wow! How lucky am I to be living,” says six-year-old Abigail. Her creation, the Stargazer Lottie doll is now at the International Space Station with British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake.

Abigail age six - copyright Arklu 5

The Special Edition ‘Gold Collection’ ‘Stargazer’ Lottie doll is a creation of London-based toyco, Arklu, and is a collaboration with the European Space Agency, and winner of the space.com ‘Little Scientist’ Space Age Award at the New York Toy Fair 2015.

Abigail is also the star of a short video by female filmmaker Elena Rossini about the girl who has designed the first doll to go into space. “Sometimes I look up and think…maybe I could go up there one day…or could I somehow see what’s up there,” says Abigail in the video.

This little girl is wise beyond her years and her idea for an astronomy themed doll to help other kids learn about space was the inspiration behind the Stargazer Lottie doll.

During her time on board the ISS, Stargazer Lottie will fulfill her mission to get kids interested in space. Supplemental materials are available to download from the lottie.com website, including biographies of notable women in astronomy, and educational activities created by UNAWE, the global science educational outreach programme.