Keep Cool!

Some simple wardrobe ideas for a cool summer style from an international perspective. Dress up!


Summer is officially here. The steadily rising temperature and the increasing humidity make even the most fashion savvy ladies give in to the heat waves and bring out the flip-flops and summer frocks.  The summer months compel a mood of ease and relaxation especially when it comes to one’s wardrobe. Unfortunately the world does not stop enjoying three months of beach, sand and sunshine and the routines continue as usual equally divided between work and play. If your wardrobe requires a simple transformation to a summer style that won’t break the bank, simply follow the fashion guidelines below and you will find yourself looking and feeling very ‘cool’ this summer.

At work

The heat wave may leave you wanting to wear less layered outfits, but that doesn’t always work when you want to look professional. Whilst the office AC may keep it near freezing temperatures, the outside still feels like a furnace.

Keep cool by wearing a short-sleeved silk or cotton blouse and throwing your blazer in the bag on your way to the office. For a dressier look, chose a patterned silk dress as your summer secret weapon. Tone the dress down and keep it professional by combining it with a blazer or a short sleeved cardigan. A mid-length skirt is also a great solution for beating the heat as long as the colours are neutral and the look remains office appropriate.

Put extra thought into accessorising this summer by trading your favourite leather handbag in for a fabric bag that won’t heat up in the car or stick to your skin. The same goes for necklaces and bracelets, it is best if anything that is worn close to the skin is of natural material and as light as possible.

If your workplace dress code calls to ‘suit up’, don’t fret. This summer, trade your heavy grey/black suit for lighter, breathable materials like linen, jersey, khaki and cotton in summer colours such as cream, white and tan. Linen is in particular is a good match for hot summer days in the office or for those working women that travel around a lot on the job as it is the lightest of materials.

On vacation

Summer clothes can be far from boring with just a couple of highlights. Regardless of where you will be vacationing this season there are a few items that must be the first to be packed in your suitcase.

Sundresses or summer dresses as they are rightfully labelled are perfectly comfy and fit well almost any occasion. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them ideal for a date, a museum sighting or a night on the town! Pack at least one or two fabulous sundresses in your bag.

Don’t forget to dress up with a big-floppy hat – and not just for a beach trip. A large-brimmed hat is suitable for sightseeing and day trips of all types (it will also hide you from the sun).

Since summer calls for a basic clothes statement, your accessories and jewellery is where you can really have fun and let your personality shiny through any outfit. Colourful belts, beach hats, oversized sunglasses are just a few of the items that won’t take up much space in your luggage but will make all the difference to your look.

At play

Chances are most of the summer parties will be happening indoors or after sun down to avoid the blasting heat and direct contact with intense sunlight. Sunset beach parties or indoor pool bashes still call for a heavy summer presence in your outfit but must not look like you are trying too hard because the season is all about keep it breezy and carefree.

Maxi dresses are a summer life saver as it can easily be transformed from a day look to a glam party outfit by adding just a few sparkly accessories. The maxi dress is every woman’s dream as it hides the areas that didn’t get enough gym activity over the last season and transforms the look into a feminine and chic silhouette. Try a dress in a lightweight, breathable fabric, with a fun daring, print (think safari patterns and you’ll be right on trend for this summer).

When the invite requests cocktail attire, skip the usual black in favour of warmer shades like peach and coral. Spontaneous dance party? Be prepared for anywhere the summer takes you in a hot (but comfy) printed blouse and skirt.

Be cool

Summers are often dreaded by those of us battle those stubborn extra kilos where we least need them. To lose the excess fast (within ten seconds) just defines your waist with a gold, silver or patterned chain link belt that looks a lot fresher than leather and is adjustable.

Whilst bringing your look-up-to-date do not forget to dress up your feet this summer in bold wedges, coral pumps, nautical sandals and bright comfy flip flops for those lazy, crazy summer days.

There are plenty of easygoing, great summer looks to choose from this year that everyone will find to their liking. When in doubt (or a rush) reach for light-weight, natural fabrics in sweet pastel colours, a well-adjusted pair of shorts and a great pair of flashy sandals or wedges to give you that extra edge! Wear every outfit with confidence and a great smile.