Go off-beat!


Five interesting destinations to go to this Eid holidays

Let’s face it, you can always not book a holiday and just travel to Dubai … but why not try something new that you have not tried before and venture into places as far as China? We have picked five interesting destinations that might tempt and throw a challenge to the traveller in you. Go on, get yourself some wanderlust!

Huangshan, China (image above)
A country as huge as China has a lot to offer travellers, immense metropolises, ancient sites, and a culture that has spanned human civilisation. It is to Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, that we point here however. By no stretch is it the highest peak in the world, although with a prominence of over 1700m from the surrounding terrain classed as an ‘ultra’ in geographic terms, it offers miles of fabulous mountain paths to wander along. A cable car also offers quick access to its upper echelons, often wreathed in mist that only serves to add to this atmospheric place.


Manaus, Brazil
The city of Manaus is a man-made jewel deep inside the Amazon. Founded 345 years ago it has grown to be the home of more than two million people and boasts excellent transport links thanks to its international airport, a thriving industrial base in its port and free zone, and a vibrant arts and cultural sector. A visitor need not spend any time in the green jungle at the city limits, although it might be a shame not to do so.

Nuuk, Greenland
Tourism in Greenland is starting to come in from the cold with a renewed government aim in boosting the number of visitors to the autonomous country ruled by the Kingdom of Denmark. Sitting on the cusp of the Artic and Atlantic Ocean’s, it is one of the least visited places on earth despite its status as the world’s largest island. Using the capital city of Nuuk as a starting point, there are countless locations to experience and explore, including the only ice sheet out of Antarctica, draped across much of the island’s interior.

Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands
One of the many small islands that make up this province of Ecuador, it sits astride the equator and is an ideal base from which to explore all that this most rich of environments has to offer. Although there is much controversy over increasing or even allowing tourists to some of these lands, its splendid isolation will likely serve to deter those that might not do the area justice, and keep this unique antonymic oasis of biodiversity safe for years to come.

Khentii wilderness, Mongolia
Uniquely on this list, any visitors looking to have a look around one of the most remote and beautiful places on earth will probably need a fair amount of skill in horse riding, and a couple of weeks to spare, as they explore the vast landscape. A number of companies offer tours at varying degrees of luxury (a very relative term), but then anyone looking at this as a viable option for 2015 won’t have a jacuzzi at the top of their ‘must-have’ list.