Gimme More! hosts its very first food special, featuring Oman’s top eateries! Here we feature More Cafe, a popular eatery in Muscat...


More is a home grown brand from the UAE, where they have enjoyed immense success since they first  opened their doors in 2002. Inspired by the great cafés of Europe, More café was established in Dubai to provide residents with the best of European hospitality in an aesthetically balanced and relaxing environment. Creativity, quality, passion and affordability are the main ingredients which drive More. To know more on what’s new with the brand, The Woman spoke to the More Café team in Oman.


What is the concept of More Café and how has it been received since its launch in Oman?

“More café was developed in the tradition of the grand European cafes, where they were the centres for community activities and discussion. The founders wanted to create an open, welcoming and relaxed environment where customers from different cultures and ethnicities could come together to bond over a common interest -great food.”

What are the signature dishes that have proved popular in Oman?

Our Eggs Benedict, which is considered the best in town, and our Pasta La Mondiale! You can even buy our More pasta and sauces to prepare at home! Also among customer favourites are our Peppered Steak cooked to order, Fish & Chips, Chicken Biryani, English Breakfast, Chicken Shawarma and Seafood Tagliatelle. The top selling dessert is the mouthwatering Chocolate Fondant that’s served hot with melted chocolate oozing from its centre.”


You have two outlets in the city as of now. Do you have plans of expanding, both in terms of restaurant and your catering facilities?

“Our focus is on the two restaurants we have presently in Muscat. Both The Walk, Al Mouj and Badr Al Qurum have such wonderful communities surrounding them and we strive to offer them both the best service More is known for. We are excited to be launching our new menu and for our customers to come and try it! More café also has a wonderful catering menu, consisting of finger food, big salads and mini desserts.”