Gimme black!

Black, they say, is a girl’s best friend... after diamonds of course! Here’s why for the true fashionista, black will never go out of fashion...


Gorgeous silhouettes, slimming cuts and oodles of class; what more can a woman ask of her clothes?  Every woman has at least one black piece of clothing in their wardrobe – it could be a hat, a shirt, a pair of casual pants, even shoes.

Black and diamonds? Gold.

Often people will say, ‘Pink is the new black’ or ‘Orange is the new black’, foolishly forgetting that these colours, though very pretty, cannot match up to the shade black. Truth be told it’s a dull shade- so colourless, it cannot even be classified as a colour and yet, here we are, our wardrobes swimming in it. Why do women cling to black clothes? We give you a host of reasons why black should be (if it isn’t already) your new favourite colour!

Thou shalt hide the misdemeanours

A night out is always great fun. Chances are the people around you indulging in ‘fun nights out’ are equally exuberant about the idea. Friday night almost always equals drinks spilled on dresses, sweaty pits (come on, you know it’s true!) and best friends crying on your shoulder Now, there’s only so much hooliganism a white shirt can take. Your basic black though? It’s almost always a winner. Wring it through the worst of weekend parties and your black top or pants will come out looking like nothing ever happened.  Black hides all manner of stains and sins and that’s why we love it!

Thou shalt match… with everything

If you’re out shopping, and can’t decide whether to splurge on the new blue handbag or the black one, always pick black. Sure colour’s nice, and if you can afford to categorise your handbags by outfit go for it, but for most of us, this turns out to be a little expensive. With black though, you can almost never go wrong. Black accessories can be paired with all sorts of outfits to give you a classy look. Try pairing your new black clutch with your new business suit – instant glam. Basic black shoes or heels are a must have for every girl. Not only do they make the feet look slimmer and fairer, but they also go with all sorts of outfits!

black dress with bag

Thou shalt make me thin

Feeling fat?  Fear not, black is here.  Don a black top and look ten pounds thinner. The shade hides unsightly flab and ‘melts’ fat away, giving us the very flattering illusion that *gasp* we’re kind of gorgeous. The opposite shade, white, often makes people look wider. And we all know that if you give a woman the choice between thin and wide, well… she’ll definitely pick thin. Every time. Black also makes your natural skin tone pop, enhancing your natural beauty,

Thou shalt be classy

One of the best things about back clothes is that the same outfit can be either dressed up or dressed down. The shade is so subtle that glammin’ it up takes little effort. Pair your new simple black dress with some big glittery earrings and some bronzer, and voila! You’re good for a night out on the town. On the other hand, take the same black dress, remove the bronzer, tie up your hair in a messy bun, and chances are you can pull of a trip to the mall. Sure, you’ll get a few admiring looks, but well… it is slimming, that new black dress…

Thou shalt be available

Hats, shoes, belts, pants, trousers, capris, shirts, dresses, sweaters, jumpers, hoodies- you name it and they’ve made it in black. That’s the great thing about the shade, it’s readily available with everything, and because it’s such a dramatic-yet-subtle shade, it tends to sell a lot as well. Every tried buying neon yellow capris? It’s murder out there. Black is safe, black is comfort, black, dear girls, is always there for you!