Get cool!

Flatter your face and protect your eyes. Choose the right sunglasses to beat the summer heat…


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The weather’s getting warmer so it’s time to arm yourself with summer’s best fashion accessory; sunglasses! Yes, we cannot do without those helpful pair of shades that will keep us looking and feeling cool all summer long. But choosing the right shades is important… but it’s cool to be up in the fashionista stakes as well! Here are some tips that will help you make that choice.

The oval face

If you have an oval face, count your blessings, since almost all frame shapes work for oval faces. Simply take your pick from the wide and varied choices available.

The round face

Full cheeks and a curved chin may want frames that make your face look longer and thinner. Angular or geometric patterns are sure to give you that look! Keep curves to a minimum and try upswept frames to draw attention to your forehead.

The diamond face

Stay away from any narrow frames if you have a small forehead and chin with dramatic cheekbones. These may accentuate your narrow eye line. Instead try out softly curved sunglasses such as oval frames. Rimless styles are also great since they’ll accentuate your cheekbones nicely.

The square face

If you have a squared face – strong jaw line, broad forehead and wide cheek bones, try out classic oval shaped frames as well as butterfly shaped glasses –  this helps give your face a longer appearance!

Oblong face

Oblong face shapes usually have high cheekbones, long chins and foreheads. If you have this shape try and remember that square, oval and rounded frames add width to your face! Try choosing tall frames as these will make your face more proportional.

Triangular face

If you have a narrow forehead with wider cheekbones semi rimless frames are absolutely perfect for you. Styles such as ‘cat eyes’ will do wonders to balance your jaw line!

So there you have it.  This season make sure you beat the summer heat – in style!