Get a Crystal Clear Skin


Team The Woman reviews the famed Crystal Peeling Facial at Daksha’s Salon & Spa

Where: Daksha ’s Salon & Spa, Shatti Al Qurum
What: Crystal Peeling Facial

What’s it all about
It is not unknown that the summer heat causes damage and distress to skin. With the sun shining down and the unbearable heat, skin gets tanned, dull and dark. Sometimes, it is dehydrated while other times humidity makes skin greasy and oily. From fixing an unwanted tan to tackling open pores, black and white heads, dehydration, acne and blemishes, the Crystal Peeling Facial can do it all, with immediate results visible.

How it works

  • First, skin is tested with a skin-testing machine to determine the client’s skin type, what areas of concern need to be dealt with and what treatments are required to fix the problem.
  • Then a full skin clean-up is done. Make-up is removed and the skin is thoroughly cleansed with a face wash.
  • The skin having dried completely, the crystal peeling treatment begins. Crystal Peeling is done with a machine, which directs a stream of micro-crystals to the skin’s surface combined with vacuum to help revive it. While on one hand, the smooth crystals remove dead skin, on the other, the vacuum function simultaneously unclogs pores and pulls in dirt and impurities, leaving skin clean, clear and rejuvenated. 
  • Once crystal peeling is done, a Soli-Tone machine is used to oxygenate skin and regenerate skin cells.
  • A facial is then performed. First a serum is used which penetrates easily as the layer of dead skin has been eliminated by the Crystal Peel. This is followed by a quick massage with a moisturiser and a mask – depending on the skin type of the client – is applied. One can choose from various masks depending on what the skin needs – for wrinkle treatment opt for an anti-ageing mask; a hydra-facial will help tackle dehydrated skin; and for that positive glow, a whitening-facial is recommended.
  • Occasionally, specific treatments for pimples, bumpy skin and acne are also included within the Crystal Peeling facial.


  • One must drink a lot of water to avoid the recurrence of dry and dehydrated skin. The best way to keep skin clean and healthy is by using a mild scrub and then moisturising with day or night cream.
  • Wearing sun-block for too long – more than two-three hours at a stretch – is harmful for skin. But since heat is at its peak at this time of year, it is advised to wash your face every two hours, apply moisturising day cream and reapply sun-block to keep skin smooth, supple and healthy.

Our Verdict
Keeping your skin lively, clean and moisturised is very important during summer months. A great way to start a healthy skin-care regimen is to try out the Crystal Peeling Facial at Daksha’s Salon & Spa. It’s the all-round remedy we’ve been waiting for!