Food Fiesta

Our top picks: Eatalian, Falafel and More, Bab Idris, Casper and Gambini’s and From the Tree


George Bernard Shaw once said there is ‘no sincerer love than the love for food’ and this holds truer today with restaurants opening up all across Muscat.
Specially, when you have them all in one location. What are we talking about? Of course: Eatalian, Falafel and More, Bab Idris, Casper & Gambini’s and From the Tree. Brought to you by Hot Star Co. LLC (franchise holders) these five eateries are located in Oman Avenues Mall and each have something to offer for the true food connoisseur.

eatalian (2)

A casual dining experience that offers an Italian atmosphere, from the generous cuisine prepared with the highest quality ingredients to the warm, trendy and stimulating setting. It is a journey where guests are invited to experience a menu filled with mouth-watering and taste fulfilling flavours that include Insalata, Picolli, Piatta, Pizza, Pasta, Piatto and Dolci. Simply put, it is authentic Italian cuisine with a modern flair.
Location: 3rd floor, Oman Avenues Mall: Call on: +968 22060025;

Falafel and more

Falafel & More
A modern twist on what Middle Easterners have always recognized as quick service concept. Falafel & More is on a mission to do more. We aim to bring great tasting, quality food to Middle Eastern cuisine lovers at affordable prices and in a setting that’s ideal for today’s busy lifestyle. With a diverse menu of Falafel, Shawarma, Grills, Specials and more, we strive to grow locally and internationally to satisfy appetites.
Location: 2nd floor, Oman Avenues Mall; Call: +968 22060065;
E-mail:; Website:

Bab Idris

Bab Idris
A casual and modern dining experience offering authentic Lebanese cuisine in a warm and stimulating setting. Inspired by the rustic cuisine of Beirut’s distinct neighbourhoods, Bab Idris is an invitation to a reimagined Lebanese culinary journey rich of tradition and hospitality. Authentic flavours using the highest-quality ingredients, our chefs create original delicacies that celebrate the best of Lebanese cuisine. The concept prides itself with excellence in the quality of service along with the preparation and presentation of food.
Location: 3rd floor, Oman Avenues Mall; Call: +968 22060075; E-mail:

Casper and Gambinis

Casper & Gambini’s
Casper & Gambini’s is an all-day café-restaurant present 12 countries. It offers an innovative and globally inspired selection of extensive and well balanced dishes consisting of Healthy Bites, Morning Breakfast, Garden Salads, Homemade Pasta, House Specials, Signature Desserts, Award Winning Coffee, and much more; all to provide tastes for
every lifestyle.
Location: Ground Floor, Oman Avenues Mall: Ground floor;
Call: +968 22060085; E-mail:;