Floral Artistry

An exquisite shop for a stunning selection of flowers and accessories especially brought in from Holland and artistically put together by Narayano Vrolijks, a versatile Master Floral Designer par excellence opened recently...


An exclusive high-end shop for unique flowers and accessories recently opened in Qurum. The artistic and attractive floral creations captured the attention of the attendees who were impressed with the arrangements and objects created by Narayano Vrolijks MDFD, the first Dutch Master Floral Designer in Oman, and his team. Narayano came to The Sultanate, together with his wife of 32 years, Satyama. “Without Satyama’s energy and support this project and shop would not be possible,” Narayano stated.

Centrally located in the bustling Qurum complex next to Ocean Mall, Ultimate Planner is the place to go for exceptional floral decorations and glassware sourced from Holland, that raises the bar by many notches, for unique creations.


“Some of the glass vases used in the creations by the experienced and artistic Dutch Master Designer are one of its kind, as they are exclusively handcrafted by an artist. Even after the flowers fade away, the glassware can still be used as a centrepiece and will hold a place of pride for the owner,” stated Ahlam Talib Al Qutaiti, CEO of Ultimate Planner.

What sets Ultimate Planner apart from others are the exquisite designs made by Narayano, an exceptional Master Floral Designer with 38 years of experience, applying his unique vision and incomparable talent to creating custom floral designs for special events of all kinds. Narayano and his team can transform a simple or elaborate wedding into an elegant ceremony as well as tailor-make arrangements for corporate businesses, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. Each arrangement or bouquet will be personalised specially for you, so it is the perfect place to treat yourself and/or others to something special. Also for Mother’s day on March 21st, you will find that one special gift there.

The enchanting shop has some amazing varieties of flowers and accessories to browse through and add to your wish list.

Ultimate Planner has a lot more to offer in the future. Over a period of time, it will extend its services to organising events that will include corporate events, concerts, theatre festivals, art- and fashion shows and lots more.