Fashionably Mum

So you’ve just brought your little bundle of joy home and your fashion choices are suddenly looking a little limited! Here are some sure-shot tips to help you look and feel fabulous!



After giving birth, your body will look roughly like it did when you were 3 to 4 months pregnant and that’s okay! Don’t expect any miracles and be realistic about your weight-loss. Take a look through your maternity wear and figure what you want to keep what needs to head straight to the bin! Hint; anything that adds extra pounds or makes you feel frumpy simply has to go.

Plan, plan, plan

Being a new mum, you’re already aware of how much planning it takes to go through a hectic schedule of household chores and watching over your little one. Well looking good takes a little effort as well – decide what you want to wear the previous night itself, mix and match different tops and always plan an outfit that looks different or excites you! As they say, preparation makes all the difference.

Hit the stores

If you’re under the impression that you’re post-pregnancy body is only a temporary phase that will bounce back within a month or two, you may be in for a surprise. Instead of counting down the days before you can fit into you’re old jeans, go out there and invest in some flattering new ones. Look for clothes that are comfy, low-maintenance and drape well around your new physique! Take some time out to invest in a new wardrobe that is comfy, low-maintenance and flattering at the same time.

Classic drapes

Pick up dresses and tops that wrap around your body well and do not emphasise your bulge. That means no tight, restrictive dresses. Look out for cardigan-style sweaters that stay open, three-fourth length sleeves, jeans with elastic bands, or jeggings paired with loose flowing tops. V-neck sweaters do a great job in showing off your collar bones, giving you a slimmer look and don’t forget to pick up some post-pregnancy staples – empire waist outfits, trapeze tops and slimming wrap-around dresses.shutterstock_129313283

Bright is right

Studies have shown that wearing brighter, happier colours can do wonders to chirp up your mood, so make sure your new clothes are in fun and happy hues. Say goodbye to gloomy grey’s as you opt for enthusiastic bold colours – shades of red, yellow and blue. After all, happier clothes mean a happier you.

Keep it comfy

With a new baby in the house, you may have no longer have a lot of time for a lot of primping and preening. How about choosing a new haircut that is appealing and low-maintenance at the same time? Invest in new well-fitting undergarments and shape wear. And finally, find shirts and dresses that are comfortable, easily washable and do not wrinkle fast. When it comes to post-pregnancy fashion, comfort is always a priority!

Mix n Match

Accessories are a great way to highlight your features and draw attention away from those less-flattering bumps and bulges. Colourful scarves, chunky necklaces and large earrings are a great idea if you’re looking to get out of the house for a little while and want a different look without putting in too much effort. You may not be ready for the classic six-inch stilettoes yet but opting for kitten heels and adorable ballet flats can do wonders for your confidence.

Embrace it

Being a new mum can be emotional and over-whelming so make sure you allot at least an hour of ‘me-time’ every day. Go for long walks, makes sure you eat right and take little naps whenever you can. The right nutrition, diet and rest go a long way towards helping your skin and hair, eliminate dark circles and genuinely help you feel more relaxed. Most importantly be comfortable with your body and give it some time to adjust back the way it was before. Embracing your new shape is the first step towards a healthy, beautiful you.