Culinary Decadence


Celebrated chef Shaikh Arif Ahmed is back at the helm of The Indus and has launched a new menu that elevates the rich history and flavours of North West Frontier cuisine

When The Indus opened a few years back, we had the pleasure of dining at the restaurant that served not just Indian but North West Frontier cuisine as well.

At the helm was renowned Indian chef Shaikh Arif Ahmed who curated the menu featuring a variety of appetising and versatile dishes. The celebrated chef is back at The Indus following a hiatus in India and as expected has refreshed the menu with some fascinating dishes.

Located at Opera Galleria, The Indus is famous for its North West Frontier cuisine that has a history of simple, yet heart nomadic flavours during a period when people got together, cooking meats over open fire. The cuisine is probably most celebrated for introducing the tandoori style of cooking.

The new menu at The Indus features a delectable selection of dishes that bring old world cooking, rustic flavours and time-honoured skills to the fore. We were recently invited to the restaurant’s launch of the new menu. Chef Arif put together a fine selection of dishes for us to indulge in.
The tasting menu included some of the star dishes; Phattar ka Gosht, mutton marinated with Indian spices Hyderabadi-style; Murgh Malai Parche, chicken flavoured with bell peppers, cheese and cream; Zafrani Lobster, lobster marinated with saffron, homemade spices, and cooked in the tandoor; Raan e Ulfat, baby mutton leg marinated with saffron, rose petal and topped with ghee;Hamour Patrani, filleted hamour marinated in fresh coconut and mint wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in the tandoor, and Rose Petal Paratha.

Rose as an ingredient plays a stellar role in Chef Arif’s cooking and lends a wonderful flavour to just about all dishes it is used in.

Chef Arif’s signature style of fusing contemporary touches to traditional style of cooking is fascinating and creative. The sour yet lip smacking and crunchy Green Apple Jelebi is a fine example of this.


Good food, great ambience, and a talented chef at the helm. The Indus ticks all the right boxes of a restaurant that is truly fits into the fine dining concept.