Creating Timeless Looks

Deepa Rajan speaks to Kristina Fidelskaya on her eponymous brand, Kristina Fidelskaya and more…

Kristina Fidelskaya in an interview with The Woman

For a brand that was only just born in 2014 in Dubai, Kristina Fidelskaya is already making waves on the regional and international fashion scene. The brand styles itself as a contemporary luxury ready-to-wear fashion brand for the discerning woman with European tastes. Much like its designer and creative director Kristina Fidelskaya.

Kirstina found the eponymous brand with a simple desire to reignite femininity and elegance in everyday dressing for woman of the world. Her drive comes from an innate passion for creativity and design, as well as a family of keen fashionistas.

In 2012, as a full time mother of two, Kristina decided to realise her belief in fashion design by completing a Fashion Design degree at renowned design university in Dubai, ESMOD.

After studying the finer details of the industry and expanding her vast knowledge, Kristina launched her first collection inspired by the idea of contemporary elegance and femininity, AW’15. Her wish was to help women reconnect with their authentic feminine nature, the label soon took the UAE by storm and the brand story began.

Today, Kristina Fidelskaya is recognised as a fashion visionary, style icon, mother and businesswoman. She continues to drive the ready-to-wear label to international success as well as expand her product range further with shoes, jewellery, bags, perfume and more.

Following the international success of the brand, Kristina Fidelskaya strives to dress women in a timeless, elegant and exquisite manner by creating collections that resonate with women of the world.

The Woman spoke to Kristina on her love for fashion, her brand and more…

What attracted you to the world of fashion?

I have always loved fashion from an early age, watching my mother from a young age inspired me creatively. I was brought up by my mother, who not only designed and crafted her own clothes, but continuously encouraged and strived to be a strong woman, to empower and inspire women of the world.

It is so exciting to now have my own brand, which aims to achieve this.

How and when did Kristina Fidelskaya the brand come into being and why did you choose to stick to Pret-a-Porter?

My label was born in 2014 in Dubai. I respect all types of fashion from haute to streetstyle. My vision is to set a trend for women worldwide to keep their femininity in the modern life. My dream is to see many women embracing the KF brand’s philosophy of effortless, elegant and contemporary style.

Elegance and femininity are the backbone of my label, I take into consideration a woman I design for – the KF Woman.

Every designer has a creative process. What would you say is your process?

Every collection’s design process comes with varying challenges, but it’s the creative job I love. I find inspiration in my everyday life; in the lives of my friends and colleagues; in movies, past and present; in the senses, sounds and sights; inspirational writing and prose; my global travels and in particular in nature. I embrace my constantly evolving surroundings no matter where I am.

As a woman designer in the Middle East, how do you juxtapose your own cultural roots with Middle Eastern sensibilities to create eye-catching designs that are created in Italy?

Dubai is my home, not just a place where my brand started. I am inspired by family, friends and the beautiful UAE amongst other things when I travel, but Dubai has a special place in my heart. My home, family and design showroom are in here.

I believe that my collections resonate very well with the region’s desire for luxury and feminine style. These elements are what the women of the region pursue for their wardrobes. Each KF piece portrays a beautiful elegant woman in various moments.

I felt there was a gap in the market for a local brand to offer a European, elegant and timeless design outlook.

Middle Eastern women are very versatile and feminine. I like that when it comes to fashion, they are closely connected to their cultural roots while keeping up with the latest international fashion trends.

What according to you defines the Kristina Fidelskaya woman?

The Kristina woman is elegant, stylish and timeless. The SS18, Anima collection, which is available online and in the Wafi Boutique store in Dubai, UAE. The collection presents a strong personality and depth through bold colours and sports luxe vibes inspired by Brutalist architecture.

The product is a combination of clean, structures shapes with flowy, billowing sleeves and necklines. I always cite culture in my inspiration for collections.

Dubai is fast emerging as the fashion capital of the Middle East. According to you what kind of edge does Dubai and Middle East bring to the world of fashion that makes it stand apart?

Dubai is a very cosmopolitan and modern place. Geographically, it is central between Europe, Middle East and Asia. People living and visiting Dubai have great interest in fashion – it is a great launching platform in a creative, fashion-forward, luxury audience.

The fashion industry in UAE is shaping out, and becoming more visible internationally. Over the past three years, we have participated in several great fashion events in the region, and I was very pleased for my brand to receive a great response from the industry professionals, media and clients.

What is your advice to young Middle Eastern women who want to step into the world of fashion?

In such a creative environment, the potential struggle is always whether or not people will understand your vision and warm to the designs, even more so when looking across the waters.

Translating creative ideas into a business project is tough; having creativity doesn’t necessarily mean you can run a business. Fashion is a serious business and it takes lots of energy and commitment to make it successful not just creativity.