My prayer for 2016 is to be bitten by the travel bug. To traverse the globe and blaze a trail across the many continents. To create memories of a lifetime, be it on a mountain, a beach, a delta...

Going ‘Green’ Places

Dream destinations are dime a dozen, but as an avid and intrepid traveller, do they appeal to your conscience as well? Now what’s conscience got to do with travel, you may wonder? Well, in the age of global warming, depleting...

Haere mai, people!

New Zealand comprises two main islands, the North and the South Island as well as a few smaller ones, and the whole nation is roughly about the size of Italy. But don’t be fooled by its size, there are...

Treasure Island

As soon as you step into Sri Lanka, the phrase that greets you and resonates throughout your stay in the beautiful country is ayobowan. The greeting rendered in soft voices with the palms folded, much like the Indian Namaste,...

Symbol of hope

  It is a beautiful sight! As the flight descends into Beirut, on one side you see snow-capped peaks and on the other, the vast and almost never-ending expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s winter, and the blue merges with...

Bonnie Scotland!

If the very mention of Scotland conjures up images of the Loch Ness monster, Scrooge McDuck or Mel Gibson shouting, “Freedom!”, then let me say, dear reader, you need to book the next flight to the country and discover...
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