Know Your Feet

There were 415 million diabetics worldwide last year and the number is expected to touch 642 million by the year 2040 according to the International Diabetes Federation. The estimated life-time risk of a person with diabetes developing a foot...

Coping with Anxiety

WHAT IS ANXIETY? Anxiety is a natural response of our body which helps us cope with different situations, such as, escaping a danger or reacting promptly to an attack also called fight or flight response. Anxiety should not be considered...
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we will be bringing you a series of articles on the topic. We start with busting some myths. Dr. Rajyashree N. Kutty, debunks some common myths about breast cancer and gives you the...

The Beauty Within

There’s no month in the calendar more beautiful than the holy month of Ramadan. The importance of this time reflects on your soul (as it does on your skin) as you spend 30 days abstaining from food and water,...
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