Blog out loud


Andrew Sullivan, a British author, editor and blogger describes blogging thus, “Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.” For generations, everything that was written and published – from news to fiction, articles and essays – went through a careful process of inspection, editing and approval. There were always certain guidelines to be followed and patterns to be matched. However, in the past decade, blogs sprung up all over the internet, publishing content that was raw, with topics ranging from politics, social issues, aspects of life, health, hobbies and interests, giving impetus to large scale discussion among people living in different parts of the world through the the World Wide Web.

There are many times when we feel strongly about things that are taking place around us. There are other times when we wish to share knowledge that may mean something to someone somewhere. We wish to speak out, but we’re advised against doing so. Some are of the opinion that our thoughts are irrelevant, and others think of them as downright dangerous. These restrictions have held back many a thinker and writer from articulating their opinions and sharing their expertise. Lucky for us, we no longer live in a world that completely curbs our voices – via blogs we all enjoy the freedom to publicise our original content without having to adhere to any curtailment.

If there’s something you need to say and you can’t seem to find a way, start a blog. That way you can reach out and touch lives in ways you never imagined…

If there is something you are passionate about, be it travel, food, photography, education, art, politics, society, traditions, fashion, beauty, health, science and technology, or you have a rare hobby or talent, or simply wish to share your viewpoint with the masses, start a blog. Certain sites like Blogspot, WordPress and others host several millions of blogs on their domains for free which make starting a blog simple. Once that is done, it is completely up to the blogger as to what is featured on the blog – content can only be moderated by the blogger himself or by those who have been authorised to do so. Apart from being able to make an impact, blogs are a great way to interact with people with similar interests. Plenty of blogs host tutorials on various subjects and many more have regular tips and tricks posted for the benefit of all. Today, most multinational corporations and organisations and home-run business ventures use blogs to promote their products and services and to gain feedback from consumers. Blogs are also used to propagate ideologies and to encourage dialogue and debate among people around the globe.

If you feel you have something to share that deserves to be out there for everyone to know and not just cloistered within your own life, express yourself through a blog. The listeners will be many. Speak out…