Are you a smartphone addict?


You no longer remember what a telephone looks like
Remember those old fashion corded devices that people used to call each other before the advent of the smartphone? Those are called telephones! If you can’t remember the last time you’ve used one, or need instructions on how to handle them, then watch out! This may be the first sign that you’re now a slave to your smartphone.
You spend more on the latest apps than on outgoing calls
So in a bid to save money by downloading all the apps your phone can store, you actually find yourself spending more than double your monthly phone allowance on ones that just take up space and slow your phone down. Take a step back and remember that the main purpose of using a smartphone is to make your life simpler, not more complex. Look out for free or trial versions of apps you haven’t tried before, and only buy the ones you really need. Remember, when it comes to apps, simple is key.
Your smartphone is your dinner companion of choice      
We all have that one friend who can’t seem to let go of her phone, even when it comes to having meals. So their phone sits in place of their knives and forks and she spends the entire meal smirking into the device! Besides being incredibly rude, this also distracts people from making healthy conversations or simply enjoying a meal. If you’re guilty of this pet peeve, take some time out to savour your food the next time you have a meal, to get out of the virtual world and maybe talk to someone without a touch screen being involved. You won’t be sorry!
You choose restaurants depending on their WiFi policy!
This point doesn’t even limit itself to restaurants! If you’re in the habit of choosing your weekly haunt- whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop or movie theatre, depending on the quality of WiFi found there, then this may be a sign that you’re in over your head! While it’s good to be connected, sometimes the main point to recreational activities is to get out there and have fun with other people, without being attached to your phone. After all, how could you possibly enjoy the experience, if your phone won’t stop buzzing?
You have no idea what a doorbell does!       
So lately you’ve been of the habit of WhatsApping a friend to tell her that you’re outside her apartment instead of simply ringing the doorbell. Well, just to remind you, it is always possibly to simply click on that little button, or even knock instead of spending over 10 minutes standing outside someone’s door, all the while having your nose buried into your phone! In fact, some would say it is the politer thing to do. So go on, tuck that phone away and start knocking.
Your smartphone follows you everywhere you go    
We all love staying connected at all points of time, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s good to get away from the constant beeping. If even the thought of staying away from your smartphone for an hour is utterly terrifying, then brace yourself, because you and your mobile have some serious separation issues. Understand that there are some activities, be it eating a meal or driving a car, that needs to be completely and utterly mobile-phone free. Embrace these moments.
Your meal is on Instagram before it touches your plate  
Sometimes your meal can be so utterly and totally delightful, that you simply have to whip out your phone to take a quick picture. Well, no one can possibly blame you for that! After all, apps like Instagram, are great when it comes to letting people know what you’re doing, where you’re going, or simply as a platform to showcase your photography skills. But even then, do try and enjoy your meal before you start tinkering with all the possible filters there are.
You’re constantly bumping into walls because your nose is in your phone  
This one doesn’t even have to be limited to walls! If you’re in the habit of walking around with your eyes on your phone, bumping into doors, streetlights, or even other people, you’re a victim of the smartphone addiction that’s taking over the world! Unless you put down that phone, you’re an accident waiting to happen.
Your smartphone jacket is colour coordinated with your latest outfit!
Understand the difference between treasuring your phone and being in a relationship with it! If you’re in the habit of buying stylish smartphone jackets for every day of the week, colour coordinating it to your outfit, or even naming your phone, then hold onto your hat, because you no longer have a smartphone – you have a pet.
Your worst nightmare is your data plan running out
Relax! In the unlikely situation that that is to happen, your phone is capable of doing other wonderful things like clicking pictures, storing music and playing catchy beats on its radio. Oh, and once in a while, they can be used to call people too! Let loose and remember that you are the boss of your phone – not the other way around!