7 Things to keep in mind during summer


Making our skin dry, dehydrating our bodies of the necessary fluids and depriving us of the required energy to hustle and bustle is the condition our bodies go through in summer. So let us follow some summer essentials needed to cool off whilst not getting heated up in the moment and keeping the mind, body and soul in intact.

1) Green is good

Having some potted plants around the house can increase the airflow for better circulation. It requires less attention, it reduces stress and helps to heighten concentration. Some of the plants that can be grown indoors are money plant(Epipremnum aureum)- grown in bottles or pots without much care which also brings in prosperity and luck, kentia palm(Howea forsteriana)- requires less maintenance and can tolerate warm and cool temperature and areca palm tree(Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)- acts as a air-purifier and humidifier.

2) Spicy cools the body

As ironic as that sounds it is literally quite true. Munching on something spicy like cayenne or jalapeno peppers on a hot summer day can actually reduce the heat in your body almost immediately just by sweating! The chemical substance capsaicin in the peppers trigger the body’s system into sweating which is the balance created to restore the body temperature. Whereas having something cold makes your body increase the temperature to equalize the icy content thus making you feel hot and irritated again.

3) Fruits and vegetables with water-rich content

When dehydrated and hungry, go for a cucumber or watermelon that have abundant hydrating properties to make you feel replenished and refreshed from the inside out. Strawberries, pineapples, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and potatoes also have a enough hydrating properties that allow your body to feel more energetic and active.

4) Say no to technology… for some time

Being in the information and technological age, we obviously have to keep up with the norms and trends of daily life. But we need to take a break from the devices that connect us to the internet in order to reduce the heat of the machines. A lot of power and electricity is used just to run them and we need to remember the invisible rays and waves that travel around us, which adds to the heat of the atmosphere.

5) Cotton is the best

Leave behind your satin and silk, as they not only feel good but also heat up your body temperature and do not help in the process of cooling in the summer. Grab some light cotton clothes to help with the uniform blood circulation instead of the jeans. Cotton absorbs the sweat and cools the body to maintain the body temperature.

6) Freeze your sheets

Before slipping into your bed it is quite helpful to put your blankets in a plastic wrap and stick it into the freezer. It helps to keep it cool before bed and even more comfy and cooling whilst slipping into a deep snooze.

7) Last but not the least, water is the best

How can we forget water in this blistering summer heat. It is quite possible to become a frustrated person in this weather as dehydration can dry up our cells into reacting differently whilst parched for water. Always keep a cold bottle of water ready at hand to make yourself feel better and refreshed.