Kettlebells for belles!

Little or no time to hit the gym? Not motivated enough to workout? Bored with your routine? Swing your way to strength with kettlebells…


It’s World Health Day on April 7… To be healthy is to be fit… 

You’ve heard of dumb-bells! But it is its superior cousin that is making a huge comeback… Kettle-bell training is currently the new fitness favourite, a throwback from the old Russian era, where these huge cast-iron balls were used for strength and flexibility. Now they are used for a wide range of fitness regimens — from muscle to strength training to weight loss.

It’s supposedly the perfect form of exercise… For those with no time to hit the gym or be motivated towards a dedicated workout, kettlebells offer an easy alternative. The approach here is well rounded — it improves your physique, gives you strength and a mental toughness you didn’t know was possible.


Firing up energy

At first glance, a kettlebell looks like a cannon ball with a handle. Now don’t worry… Intimidating it is not, but intense it is. The name of the game in fitness through kettlebells is getting the most out of workouts in the shortest amount of time. The process works the opposite of how it works with dumb bells. Kettlebells displace weight so this kind of training requires you to work against resistance through a longer range of motion. The kettlebell hangs behind your hand making it easier to take the weight. Thus the fitness here is intense… and therefore the results come much quicker.

 Double the power

A properly designed workout with kettlebells works on your body in different ways. It increases strength, decreases body fat and tones your body. The end result? Relief from stress, an increase in energy levels, enhanced flexibility and endurance. It gives you a great cardio and strength-training workout at the same time.


Here are some more specifics…

 Kettlebells and fat loss

Fat loss is 70 per cent diet and 30 per cent training. A proper kettlebell workout can push up that metabolism. Just make sure that you follow a well-balanced diet too!

 Kettlebells for muscle

Kettlebells are great for building the shoulders, hamstrings and arms. Combination training on kettlebells and barbells is much more effective.

Kettlebells V/s other weights

Unlike other conventional weights, using them is a little tougher. But the results are better and faster. While dumbbells and barbells focus on isolation moves, the kettlebell is used for ballistic drills that are beneficial for your training aims. Compare a 10kg kettlebell with a 12kg dumbbell — a workout with the former is much more demanding than the latter.

Kettlebells and women

No gym membership. No long routines. No wonder then women today are going all out to experience the benefits of kettlebell training. Kettlebell swings help your body tone in more ways than you can imagine. Moreover, once you get your initial workouts supervised by a professional, you can continue your workouts in the privacy of your home, at your own time and convenience. For all it takes, is a pair of kettlebells, the inclination and the effort.

Kettlebells and results

You can see your body toning up in just a matter of two weeks which is again determined by the time put in and the effort. All it really takes is just two, 20-minute sessions in a week to get over the first stage. You can move over to three, 30-minute sessions a week to see regular results in terms of fat loss, increased fitness, strength gains and muscle tone.

They are also great for the heart and lungs. Swings, snatches and long cycle routines cause the heart to increase its workload and improve capacity and efficiency. And while you’re digesting all this info, we’d like to make one thing clear… you don’t bulk up in terms of muscle. That’s just a myth!

And now here’s an important fact that’ll make you reach for those kettlebells right away! It doesn’t just help lose fat… It helps lose a lot of fat! You can burn upto 1500 calories in an hour!

Still waiting? What for? Go get ‘em, girl